Fourth Annual Captain Action Custom Figure Contest

June 30, 2018

We can’t wait to see all the submissions at San Diego Comic Con next month!

Just a reminder that we are closing in on SDCC and the CA Custom Figure Contest! To Enter Contest : Please email your entries to Entries must be of a space themed character(s). No limit on entries per person. Please have entries in no later than July 17th, 2018. Good Luck!

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Family Style Dining Fun

April 17, 2018

We got a great review over at Pint O’Comics!


I have to say, there is simply not a facet of this game I did not enjoy. Everything from the design of the box art, which evokes an Asian food takeout container, to the viciously fast and fluid gameplay, Takeout is the complete package. It’s family friendly, easy to teach, and in today’s low attention span world with most games only taking about 5-7 minutes to complete the tweens in your life can get back to Tweeting and Snapchatting about the latest Justin Bieber album that much sooner. I’ve said before I’m always on the lookout for great “backpack games” and at right around $17 “Takeout” most certainly fits the bill for a perfect “backpack game”.


Geekish Cast, Episode 174

February 24, 2018

A couple weeks ago, I got to talk with Jeremy from Geekish Cast about game dev, creative ADHD, and general nerdery. It was so much fun to geek out on his show!

I have always wanted to design a board game, but I lack the focus, attention, and discipline to do so. So I decided to do the next best thing. I started looking for people who had developed their own games. that leads me to this weeks episode with Meg Stivison.

Meg was trying to capture a sense of fun. While relating the experience of ordering food while not speaking the language.

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Takeout Review on BestDadNa

February 20, 2018

Great writeup from gamer and dadblogger Ben over at on Takeout!

Today we’re looking at Takeout, a fun little gem by Meg Stivison of Small Monster Games. In Takeout, players take on the role of foreigners visiting China. You and your companions are hungry for some local eats, but none of you know the language. You decide to try your luck anyways, and piece together a tasty meal with nothing but your Chinese phrase book and your appetite.

Takeout is packaged in a clever card box that looks suspiciously like Chinese take out. Aside from instructions, the box contains “food cards” and “action cards”. Food cards will display one (or two) of the five flavors of Chinese cuisine – Bitter, Sweet, Sour, Spicy, and Salty, or Cold, for a drink. Action cards will let players perform a variety of actions, most of which involve stealing food from other people. The goal of the game is to get all five flavors and a cold drink into your meal before anybody else manages to do the same.

via Best Dad Na.

Fig Talks 2018

January 5, 2018

Small Monsters Games will be speaking at the Boston Festival of Indie Games’ 2018 FiG talks on January 20th at MIT Stata Center.

We’ll be presenting Casual Games & Memoir: Gamifying Personal Experiences. Our card game Takeout is based on my years living in China, and we’ll be talking about that, and about an upcoming game based on Harold’s experiences with horror storytelling.

How do you turn personal experience into a game for others to play and enjoy? Meg Stivison and Harold Sipe have explored this question for the last two years at Small Monster Games. In Takeout, they turned Meg’s expat experiences of Chinese language, culture and food into a casual card game. Harold has loved horror stories since he read his first Stephen King paperback. Can game mechanics express that love and share the experience of scary stories? How can personal experiences translate into accessible, inclusive game play? How do social games share a story?

We’re excited and honored to take part in this year’s FIG Talks!